Music Album: Songs for Young Sailors

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Songs for Young Sailors_Cover.png

Music Album: Songs for Young Sailors


Looking for quality recorded folksongs for your music classroom? 

This professionally recorded album is perfect for elementary music rooms!

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Song List

  1. Cape Cod Chantey
  2. Ferryland Sealer
  3. Haul Away, Boys
  4. Taking Gair in the Night
  5. Lukey's Boat
  6. High Barbaree
  7. Sail Away, Ladies


  1. Lyrics
  2. Sheet Music
  3. Rhythm and Melody Composition Sheets
  4. Vocabulary and Geography
  5. Pirate Paper Dolls

How to Open the File: 

This is a zip file so it must be opened on your computer. Simply click to download the file within 24 hours of receiving it. 


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