6 Things No One Ever Told You About China

Hello family, friends, and music makers.

It’s day two for us here in the Clifford Community in Guangzhou, China. We're about to head out on another adventure but I thought I'd drop in while I have wifi in our apartment lobby and share with you very very quickly. . .

6 Things No One Ever Told You About China

  1.  They don’t refrigerate eggs here! And they don’t refrigerate milk until it’s been opened. It makes for some interesting smells around town for sure. Apparently people are reluctant to pay the high price for electricity, so they go without refrigerators as much as possible.
  2. Drinks are not served with meals. There is always tea served in small 4 oz. porcelain cups with no handles (don’t try to drink it at first – you’ll burn your fingertips off).  But no water or coke is available.
  3. The traffic here is one giant game of chicken. I’ve been trying to figure out traffic rules and so far it seems like whoever is gutsy enough to not back down is the one who gets to turn or cross first. Everything is a road – parking lots, medians. . . There are also more mopeds here than I've ever seen in my life.
  4. That game of chicken applies to pedestrian sidewalks as well. If you're the biggest and the bravest you get to keep your path on the sidewalk. If you're smaller and less assertive (me) you're the one who gets out of everyone's way. 
  5. Despite popular belief, there really isn't a lot of rice over here. They don't bring it out with the food but apparently they will bring it out at the end of the meal if you're still hungry.
  6. If you're like me, you've heard a lot that places like China have been Westernized significantly. I had also been told that they teach English in all the schools over here and that basically everyone under the age of 25 speaks pretty fluent English. . . That has not been true for us. Maybe one out of every ten people speak some broken English. As an educator it makes me very pleased to teach in a country that has been able to preserve their culture more than I was lead to believe. As a traveler. . . it makes it more difficult to ask for bottled water.  :)

Enjoy the last of your evening as we start our morning. 

Keep singing, and traveling and learning, 

- Victoria