Guangzhou, China - Week 1


Nathan and I have successfully wrapped up our first week in Guangzhou, China. We're living in a place called Clifford Estates - a "gated community" of about 300,000 people. We'll be here two short months teaching music and experiencing all the Chinese culture that we can.

This is what our week has looked like. . . 

Getting there is half the fun. . .

Our Apartment

Clifford School

The Clifford School is made up of two programs that basically split the school in half: the International and the bilingual programs. The international program is where I teach. It is made up of mostly Chinese students (though there are students from all over the world as well) and it is taught all in English. The bilingual school is (as far as I know) made up of all Chinese students. Its classes are taught in both Chinese and English. 

I am in the International Program teaching elementary music and middle school choir while their regular teacher is on maternity leave. During any breaks I have I am also teaching high school band and high school choir. 

Here is the school. . . 

Around Clifford Estates

China is a fascinating mix of two cultures. Sometimes you walk outside and feel as though you're in some advanced society in the future. Sometimes you walk outside and feel as though you're in a third-world country. The mix of those two worlds is everywhere here. 

Around Guangzhou

There is a LOT to do and see in the city. Here are just a few pictures of what we have seen so far. 

Make sure you scroll through to the meat market. You don't want to miss that. 

That's it for this week!
Within the next few days we're hoping to travel to a nearby village and see the country. 

Maybe I'll even find some Chinese folk songs to learn while we're there. 

Stay tuned and keep singing, 

- Victoria