Da Fu Sha Mountain: The Story of Two Hikers

Recently I got a recommendation about a hiking trail near our apartments. The mountain is called Da Fu Sha and apparently its a favorite destination of the locals. My source told me that you walk the steps up the mountain, and then walk the trail at the top to see a really nice view of the city. Nathan and I were all about that because we've been missing some of the trails back home and who wouldn't love a scenic view of Guangzhou? 

So this weekend we started up up up up up these very steep stairs for our hike.

At the top of the steps there was a wall and a guard who looked at our Clifford IDs before we were allowed in. 


Past the wall, this is the trail that went back down the hill we had just climbed. . . ! 

The paved steps were a little odd to me for a hiking trail but I was glad to be surrounded by trees instead of buildings. We kept walking down down down down down. 


 At the bottom of our trail, I was shocked to see that our path opened up into a paved walkway where people were jogging and riding bikes. . . Our view was not an overlook of Guangzhou, but of some little ponds. 

Further up the walkway was this beautiful little rose garden. It was so unexpected... and things got more surprising from there. 

Because a little ways further was an area housing pigs, monkeys, goats, and ducks.



. . . . . WHAT? ? ? 



The trail kept going. . . Everywhere we looked there were other walkways branching off our main path and down every walkway was an unexpected surprise. 

Like this apple orchard!


Continuing our walk, we finally came upon a map and discovered that where we had entered the park (looking for a nice hike and a scenic view) was actually only a tiny corner of a much larger. . . city?


For several hours we walked around Da Fu Sha Park and only saw about a fourth of it.

There's so much more that we have to go back and explore. I'll have to bring a legitimate camera next time - I had no idea how under qualified my iPhone would be for our little hike up the mountain! 

Keep singing and walking and exploring, 

- Victoria