Breakfast Jams: Morning Mood

What's the typical mood in your home in the morning? 

Crabby? Calm? Stressful? 

Edvard Grieg wrote a gorgeous piece of music called Morning Mood for his work, Peer Gynt. (You can read more about Edvard Grieg and the story of Peer Gynt here.)

This piece is 

  • Lyrical

  • Peaceful 

  • Harmonic

  • Lush 

It's the perfect song to play as your morning soundtrack!

Grieg Morning Mood

What to Listen for: 

1. The Morning Melody

The melody to this piece is so beautiful and flowing. You can hear it being played by the flute in the first 10 seconds of the piece. 

Listen to the flute play the main melody of the piece. 


2. "Pass the Melody Please"

After the melody is played by the flute you'll notice it getting passed around to different instruments of the orchestra. Can you find where the different instruments get a chance to play it? 

Use this listening sheet to help you write down what you hear. 


The Music Makers Song Collection

Do you have a child who is into

  • bugs
  • seasons
  • math
  • fairytales
  • anything else?

Maybe you want some more music for your morning routine. Maybe you want some songs to help you in your home learning.

Personalized Songs for Your Music Maker

Whatever your child's interest, I'd love to put together a personalized song collection for you.

I'll work with you to come up with a collection of 2 - 4 songs about your chosen topic, complete with recordings and printables - all totally free! 

Fill out the form below to get started.

** Update: This series is closed. Thank you for your wonderful suggestions!

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Have a musical day!

- Victoria