Review and Reset: Wrapping Up the School Year

When the school year has just wrapped up, it can be so easy to sprint to the finish line and collapse once we've crossed it. We're ready for warm weather, slow days, and taking a break from the rush of teaching.

However, before checking out completely, I like to take a long moment to reflect on the past year and plan for the next. What went well? What would I do differently next time? What was my favorite moment of the year?

Today I'm sharing the printable I use to review and reset. I'd love for you to give it a try! It's a great way to congratulate yourself on the things you're are proud of, and reflect on what could be made better next year.



1. What Went Well?

So often we can zip through the school year, planning and making changes, always looking at what's next on our calendar. As soon as we get a big event out of the way we roll straight on to the next one. In my experience we don't take the time congratulate ourselves for what we've accomplished.

That's what this first section is all about.

Use this space to jot down the things you're proud of. For me, I like to break this down into a few categories: Pedagogy, Behavior Management, Concerts, and Communication/Collaboration.

These four pillars make up my teaching practice. Increased communication and collaboration are personal goals for me, but may not be for you. With that in mind, I’ve left the last section on this page blank for you - fill in whatever you’d like!

2. A Year in Two Moments:

In this section we highlight two contrasting moments. Both moments shaped the year and who we are as teachers, but one shaped it by reinforcing something positive and the other shaped it by pointing out an area that needs change.

Take a moment to think about one “shining” moment this year. Perhaps it was a lesson that went particularly well, or a student who was finally able to demonstrate mastery of a skill after struggling all year long. Maybe it was a fabulous concert, touching parent note, or a complementary observation report from an administrator.

Next, think about the experiences that let you know it was time to take a new direction. Maybe it was a classroom management technique that went wrong. Maybe it was a lesson that you didn’t quite prepare for and went off track . Maybe it was an interaction with a parent that could have gone better. Whatever it is, take a moment to write down the experience.

3. What Are Some Goals for Next Year?

This is my favorite section to fill out.

The first two sections really pave the way for us to brainstorm ways to improve things that we want to change, and reinforce things that went well.

What programs do you want to start? What songs do you want to continue using? Do you want to incorporate more improvisation and composition? Centers? Technology? What changes in your concert preparation do you want to make?  This section uses the same areas as the “what went well” section, so look back at your answers from section one. If something wasn’t going well, what could you do next year to change it? This is the time to clearly think through your so that we don’t fall back into old, unhelpful habits or forget all our great ideas in the rush of back-to-school prep.

Write down anything and everything that you want to try, expand, or get rid of.

Summer is a great time to review, rejuvenate, and reset. This printable can jumpstart that process. Click below to grab it for free!