How to Create a Music Corner

Do your kids have a space where they spend hours playing? Maybe it's a swing set outside. Maybe it's a dollhouse or dress-up area. Maybe it's the pool as the weather gets warmer!

These spaces are big hits with children for a few reasons: 

  1. They allow room for both creativity and learning: These spaces typically have objects laid out for children to play with (pool toys, clothes, swing, etc). There's no real right or wrong way to use the objects; they're there as an invitation. Kids learn through play, so a great way to make sure they're learning is to make sure there's plenty of room for structured and unstructured fun!

  2. They're built with children in mind: Most areas of the home are designed for adults to use. Think of how many items in your home are adult-sized instead of kid-sized. Children's play places are built for shorter bodies and smaller hands. It let's them grab hold of the fun quicker and easier.

What if you had a space designed for music play?

  • Imagine a space full of instruments, music, games, and activities.

  • Designed for the youngest and your oldest music makers in your family.

  • A space to play, to learn, to create, to listen, and to connect.

As schools close for summer break and the days get longer its a perfect time to create a space in your home designed specifically for music. Use it to play and learn some new music this summer!

Let's make a Music Corner! 

How to Create a Music Corner

What Does a Music Corner Look Like? 

Music corners can come in all different shapes, sizes, and involvement levels. They can be outside or inside, big or small. 

This space is a great example of making the music area child-sized. Perfect for a young Music Maker in your home!



I like the use of space here and how the instruments are laid out as a free-play invitation.



I think this example is my favorite. I love the green piano!

It's also a perfect space for more structured learning. 

Can you imagine all the amazing music kids could make in this space?!

Pinterest has a wealth of ideas and inspiration to try. Follow my board "Music Corner" to see more ideas, as well as to find some activities to try once your area is set up!

Music Corner List: 

What will you put in your music corner to make it a place your kids can learn new things and play with maximum fun and maximum learning? 

Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • "Real" instruments:

    • like a piano or keyboard

  • "Found" instruments:

    • these are instruments you make out of household objects such as pots, pans, and spoons.

  • Listening Device

    • like an ipod and speaker, or CD player

  • Favorite Song Binder

    • Use the Folk Song Index or your own sheet music to create a binder of your favorite songs

  • New Song Binder:

    • Along with your favorite songs, keep a collection of new music to try.

Learn to Play, Play to Learn

The best music corners provide kids with a mix of structured and unstructured learning. 

Unstructured learning happens when children are simply invited to play, listen, and create without an agenda or learning outcome. These times of singing and playing just for the joy of music can be some of the most special moments a family can have! 

Unstructured Idea:

  • Do you have a collection of songs designed for infants, toddlers, and preschool aged Music Makers? Even better if it's grouped by categories such as weather, animals, or transportation! 

Structured learning happens when there is an outcome you want out of your music time. These moments can be every bit as musical and magical as the unstructured learning discussed above, they just involve a little more guidance. What makes it so fun is learning together about something new.

Structured Learning Ideas: 

  • How to Read Music: Use an interactive ebook that teaches your child the basics of how to read music!

  • Music History or Classical Music Activities: Learn about composers and the music they created!

  • How to Play an Instrument: Want to put that family piano to use? How about a video course with sheet music and worksheets that teach your child to play piano? 

Coming to a Music Corner Near You: 

All of the ideas above could be perfect for you and your Music Maker! 

It all depends on your Music Maker's age and what he or she is interested in when it comes to music.  This summer you'll be seeing some new music resources to use in your Music Corner. You're going to love them!! 

What would be the most fun for you and your family? 

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Music Corner, Musical Summer

Making a special space in your home for creating music may turn into your favorite Summer project! This could be such an amazing, fun-filled corner of your home.

A place where musical memories are made. 

Where songs are sung. 

Where your family connects. 

What musical moments will you share this summer in your Music Corner? 

Make it a musical day, 

- Victoria