Romp, Stomp, Chomp: The Dinosaur Song Collection

Today's post is perfect for anyone with an infant, toddler, preschool, or early elementary student who loves dinosaurs! 

How to Use the Songs: 


Hold your infant while singing the songs. As you sing, bounce or sway to the steady beat.


Toddlers can bounce or pat on their own while you sing the songs. Once they've heard the song a few times you may notice them "babbling" the song with you. 


Preschool aged children can sing the songs with you once they're comfortable. Until then, encourage them to sing while keeping a steady beat through stomping or clapping.


Kids in K - 2 should be able to sing and keep a steady beat well, especially if you model for them. They also enjoy making up motions to the songs and can come up with some pretty inventive ways to make the songs interesting.


Romp, Stomp, Chomp

1. My Pet Dinosaur

This is by far the longest song of the three. It tells the story of a child who has a pet dinosaur named Fred. The dinosaur is supposed to stay outside, but one night the child feels sorry for the dinosaur standing out in the rain and invites him in the house....... but the Fred gets stuck in the doorway.

"He can't get out, he can't get in, better get help on the double"

* This song has a grand total of six verses! I've recorded three of them for you here. :)

2. If I Could be a Dinosaur

This is short song about what it would be like to be a dinosaur. It's in a minor key which is great for adding some variety to your child's musical diet. It's short and simple, making it easy for kids to pick up on quickly.

"If I could be a dinosaur, I wouldn't talk - I'd only roar"

3. Romp Stomp Chomp

I wrote this short chant for some of my younger students. We used it to create some sound effects to the words in the poem. Each word, "Romp", "Stomp", and "Chomp" got its own sound. We tried jumping, clapping, snapping, patting on each word until we found a pattern we liked. Elementary students can do this activity; younger children can use the chant as a steady beat reinforcement. 

"T-Rex gives a great big ROAR"

It's going to be an exciting summer around here.

Let's make some music! 

- Victoria