Introducing Edvard Grieg: Classical Music for Young Musicians

In our last post we listened to the piece, Aase's Death by the composer Edvard Grieg. If you haven't heard it yet, I highly recommend it! Read about it here

When I hear pieces that I like, I wonder about who wrote them. What was that person like? What was he or she thinking about while writing the music? 

If you're the same way, I'd love to introduce you to the fabulous composer, Edvard Grieg. We'll get to know him, listen to more of his music, and maybe even share our own story with him! 

Let's get started.

Classical Music For Kids: Edvard Grieg


Meet Edvard Grieg 

Music Activities for Young Kids: Edvard Grieg


This is Edvard.

(He looks a bit like Albert Einstein, no?)


He was born in 1832 in a country called Norway. 


Norway is a place with lots of hills and rivers and greenery. 

Edvard Grieg used folk music from Norway that made his listeners think about how beautiful their country was. 

Edvard's mother played the piano and started teaching Edvard how to play when he was still very young. Not surprisingly, he was very good at it! 

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Edvard was so good in fact, that when he was a teenager a famous musician told his parents that Edvard was an excellent musician. He should study music at a conservatory. Edvard's parents listened. They sent him to a music conservatory when he was 15 years old where he would learn to play music very well and write music on his own. 

As it turned out, Grieg didn't enjoy his time at the conservatory. He didn't like his teachers very much at all and was frequently looking for ways to get out of class. However, he stuck with it and his future listeners are so glad he did!

Grieg's music reminded the people of Norway how much they loved their country at a time when they were struggling to become an independent country. The folk songs and folk style he used turned him into Norway's favorite composer!

Edvard Grieg's music was: 

  • passionate

  • poetic

  • rich

  • beautiful

Hear it for yourself.

Edvard Grieg: The Greatest Hits

These are some of Grieg's most famous pieces. Pick one or two to listen to with your family. 

Who knows. Maybe you'll decide he's your favorite composer too!

In the Hall of the Mountain King: 
I'm sure you'll recognize this melody! It's fun to sing - and dance - along to!

Norwegian Dances: 
Speaking of dancing, listen to these folk dances that Grieg set to music. Tap and twirl along.

Morning Mood: 
This is from Peer Gynt as well, along with Aase's Death and In the Hall of the Mountain King. Be sure to listen to this serine and calming piece.

A Minor Piano Concerto: 
It doesn't get more dramatic than this!!
If you've been putting off starting piano lessons, this might be just the inspiration you need!

Write a letter to Edvard Grieg: 

Letter to the Composer, Edvard Grieg

Print off this letter and write it to Edvard Grieg. Let him know what pieces you listened to and what you thought of them. Since he was a composer, also tell him what you would want your compositions to sound like!