Breakfast Jams: A Crane and a Composer

Music Makers, 

Today I'd like to give you a special peek into Sounds We Found: Classical Music Activities for Young Music Makers and their Families. It's a big title for a big book!

This is a collection of classical music activities designed to get kids listening both critically and creatively. If you're a musical parent raising musical children then I really think you would enjoy all the learning that takes place in this collection! 

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Today's Breakfast Jams is based off of one of the activities from Sounds We Found. In this chapter of the book we learn about a composer (Tchaikovsky) and listen to one of his symphonies that was based off of a folk song. We sing, create our own version of the song, and play a listening game with his symphony.

Let's get started! 


Tchaikovsky was a Russian composer born in 1840. When Tchaikovsky was alive, composers loved to take old songs from their countries and turn them into big orchestral pieces. 

The song we'll listen to this morning is one of those pieces. 

The song is called The Crane and it's a very old Russian folk song. Tchaikovsky took this simple melody and turned it into a HUGE piece that is: 

  • Wildly energetic

  • Grand

  • Playful

  • Dramatic

  • Dynamic

Step One: Singing the Song

Let's learn the original folk song Tchaikovsky used first. 

Here is the audio and the sheet music.

Sing along!

Step Two: Let's Listen

Listen to the finale of Little Russian Symphony by Tchaikovsky. 

Can you find the melody to The Crane hidden in all the instruments?

Let's Listen!

If you enjoyed this activity and want more targeted listening experiences for you and your child, I encourage you to check out Sounds We Found: Classical Music Activities for Young Music Makers and their Families. 


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