Music for Infants: Steady Beat

Happy New Year!! 

Today we start a series here on We Are the Music Makers about the first step in musical development: steady beat and rhythm. For the next several weeks we will walk through ways to explore and develop a child's steady beat and rhythmic abilities through listening, singing, moving, and playing. 

WIshy Washy Wee: Moving to Steady Beat


I love this song from the British Isles. For older kids there's actually a circle game that goes along with it as well (read about it here).

For our purposes, though, we're going to focus on moving the child to the steady beat.

  • Holding the infant in your arms, bounce gently up and down as you sing this lively song.

  • When you get the the "wee" part, spin once in a circle

  • Continue gently bouncing as you sing the closing phrase.

Download Music and Lyrics

Keep bouncing, 

- Victoria