How to Teach Rhythm vs. Beat (Part 2)

In our last post we got to explore the difference between rhythm and steady beat through worksheets, chanting, clapping, and patting.

Today we'll follow up on yesterday's activity so that your child has a better understanding of what rhythm is. 


Following up on Rhythm vs. Beat: 

Step 1: Review

Start where we left off in our last post: the child chooses if he is going to pat the beat or clap how the words go. 

Step 2: Put Rhythm and Beat Together

Once you child is comfortable switching back and forth between rhythm and beat, its time to make things a little more interesting.

Just like in the last step, let your child choose to keep either the rhythm or the beat. Whatever he chooses, you do the other. If he chooses rhythm, you keep the steady beat. If he picks the steady beat, you keep the rhythm. 

Chant the rhyme while both of you play your parts together, then switch. 

* You may find that your child needs a little practice doing this step. Hearing these two sounds together might cause your child to get mixed up in the job he is performing. That's okay. 

Step 3: Introduce Vocabulary

At this point you can let your child know that "the way the words go" is actually called Rhythm. Let him trace the word using this printable since it will be difficult for him to figure out phonetically. 




Here is another rhyme for you to try!

All these free worksheets are available in my Folk Song Index. Just scroll down to “Activity Sheets.”



Tomorrow I'll pop in with a quick way to help your 5 or 6 year old practice telling the difference between rhythm and beat. 

Until then. . . 

Keep singing, 
- Victoria