Let's Sing in Japanese: Kaeru no uta

Kids love singing this song, especially because they get to make frog sounds in Japanese. The language is fairly straightforward so it's easy to pick up, and with only two lines of text and another two of sound effects this song is perfect for young musicians.

Kaeruno uta ga.
Kikoete kuru yo.
Gwa, gwa, gwa, gwa, 
Gero gero gero gero gwa gwa gwa.

The translation of this text is simply, "The frog's song, we can hear it." I love the last two lines that imitate frog sounds.

"Gwa, gwa, gwa, gwa, gero gero gero gero, gwa gwa gwa"

The Song

Isn't it interesting that frogs in America say ribbit and frogs in Japan say gero gwa? In fact children all over the world imitate animals using different sounds. (In Russia they say kva-kva, in Turkey they say vrak vrak...)

Fun fact about this song. . .
It can be sung in a round!

A round is a type of texture where one person sings a song and another person sings the same song but enters several beats after. Have you ever tried it? Singing in a round takes a level of singing independence which can be difficult at first so I suggest trying it in a group if possible.

Try it 

If you don't have access to a group, here's a recoding of the song in a round so you can try it too!

Enjoy singing in Japanese today. 

- Victoria