Sing We Now of Christmas: Christmas is Coming

Our song today comes from an old English poem about Christmas: 

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. 
Please put a penny in the old man's hat. 
If you haven't got a penny, a half penny will do. 
If you haven't got a half penny then God bless you!

About the song: 

Today we typically eat a chicken or turkey or ham for Christmas dinner. In England a long time ago, they would eat a goose instead. Often this goose would have been raised by the family  who watched it get fatter and fatter as it got closer to Christmas. 

Not everyone in England could afford a Christmas goose though. The song also talks about the charity of the Christmas season. Back in that time, beggars would hold out their hats for a penny from people walking by. If you didn't have a penny on you, you could always put a half penny (pronounced ha'penny). If you didn't even have a "ha'penny" then you needed some blessing because you were just as poor as the beggar! 

We Are the Music Makers Christmas is Coming; English Christmas Carol for Kids

And now we sing: 


One of the reasons I enjoy this song so much is because it can be sung in a round. You'll hear me sing first, and then other instruments will join in one at a time. I love the sound when all the parts have joined in!

Your Turn: 

Here is another recording without the added instruments. Instead, try joining in yourself!


Sheet Music and Lyrics:

To help know when to come in, follow this sheet music. You'll see a star when a new voice should come in.

If you don't read music, download this lyric sheet. At each new line a new voice enters. 

Enjoy your holiday and keep singing! 

- Victoria