Sing We Now of Christmas: Huron Carol

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs because of its beautiful, hunting melody. 

The words were written all the way back in 1643 by Jean de Brebeuf, a Christian missionary to the Huron indians. Jean de Brebeuf lived with the Huron Indians translating their books into English and telling the story of the Gospel for several years. In 1649 the tribe was invaded by the Iroquois Indians who drove the Huron people from their land and killed Jean de Brebeuf in the process.

As the Huron people spread across the country and took this song with them. It has remained a part of Canada's history and musical traditions. 


Download Sheet Music:

Here is the sheet music to the above recording. 

Practice Notes:

Huron Carol is such a beautiful song with a rich history. I really hope you'll take the time to play through it on piano, or listen to the recording this Christmas season. 


- Victoria