Breakfast Jams: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons (Plus a few of my favorite music sites!)

By far the most famous of all classical music about seasons is from the composer Vivaldi.Today's Breakfast Jams is a bit different: It is my pleasure to introduce Fall from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons by also introducing you to a few of my favorite music listening resource sites.


1 . About Vivaldi


Click on the picture to read, or you can download it to print! 

2. About the Baroque Period and The Four Seasons: 


This is a listening resource kit that I HIGHLY recommend. 

Download it to look at this morning, or save it for a chilly fall day when you're looking for some creative ways to learn and make music! It is full of fantastic content and great ideas for student involvement.

It talks about the characteristics of the Baroque period, the instruments of the orchestra, and the paintings and poetry behind The Four Seasons.

3. And Now we Listen 




- Victoria