We Are the Music Makers is founded on two main ideas: 

1. Music is for everyone - teachers, students, parents, public school, private school, homeschool, community, after-school. We are all music makers. 

2. As teachers, we should be educating our students in a way that is both practical and artistic

Too often we teachers spend our time searching for the resources and ideas we need to create these thoughtful heart-full musical experiences for our students.

We search the internet, read books, talk to colleagues, and spend hours on Pinterest looking  for solid teaching strategies for our students.

It can be the overwhelming piece to what is already a pretty big job. 

At We Are the Music Makers, I'm working hard to add lessons, resources, and philosophies for teachers like you. Teachers like me. 

That no matter the teaching situation, nothing takes the place of having solid teaching strategies.

I'm on a mission to make more music, and I hope you'll join me!